We're The Millers

At the risk of making We’re The Millers sound like an above average comedy – which isn’t the case – it’s actually funnier and more enjoyable than you’re probably expecting. In his first lead, former Saturday Night Live writer Jason Sudeikis steps up as slacker Dave Clark, a small-time pot dealer who recruits three neighbours (Jennifer Aniston, Will Poulter, Emma Roberts) to pose as his family in order to smuggle drugs across the border. Padded with episodic plot detours that vary in success, this predictable road-trip comedy is amusing but unable to justify its overlong running-time, straining as it runs out of steam and stretches beyond the film’s natural stopping point. Still, there are enough decent gags and genuinely funny lines to make it worth your time (“Fuck off real-life Flanders” is particularly inspired), while young British actor Will Poulter is impressive and Jennifer Aniston is winning as always.