The Salvation

Reviewed for Radio Times:

A good man is forced to rack up an impressive body count in this stylish, handsomely shot neo-Western. The man in question is Jon (Mads Mikkelsen), a peaceful Danish settler whose wife and son are brutally murdered by a couple of drunken outlaws. After killing both men, Jon discovers that one of them was the brother of Delarue (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a merciless enforcer who extorts protection money from the local townspeople.

The story that follows is relatively simplistic, but the villains are hateful enough that you can’t help but root for their demise, while Mikkelsen is typically magnetic as the steely former soldier. On top of this, the film contains several gripping sequences and plenty of striking landscapes, with the outskirts of South Africa doubling as the American frontier. The Salvation isn’t just for those who love Westerns, though — it’s a solid revenge thriller in its own right.