Olympus Has Fallen

Reviewed for Metro’s Home Entertainment section:

The first of this year’s two high-profile White House-set actioners, Olympus Has Fallen takes us inside the corridors of power as the President (Aaron Eckhart) is held hostage by Korean extremists. With his former bodyguard (Gerard Butler) positioned as the only man who can save the day, the film sets up a promisingly old-school game of cat-and-mouse, pitching itself firmly – and rather optimistically – as ‘Die Hard In The Oval Office’. In reality, though, Antoine Fuqua’s presidential shoot ‘em up is less Die Hard than it is a big-budget Steven Seagal flick, which is all the more disappointing when you realise Fuqua was also responsible for superior crime thriller Training Day. Though the action is fairly brutal, the set pieces fall flat and the digital effects are often obvious as CGI, while aside from one glorious zinger (“Why don’t you and I play a game of f**k off? You go first.”) the dialogue isn’t nearly as memorable as it needs to be. As for Butler, he’s solid as the gruff one-man army – unconvincing American accent aside – although his haunted former agent is a lazy, generic xerox of John McClane, Jack Bauer and Clint Eastwood’s character from In The Line Of Fire. Eckhart, meanwhile, is largely wasted, spending most of the movie tied up on the floor.