Like Crazy

Encapsulating the hardships of love and long-distance relationships, this low-key indie-romance charts the transatlantic struggles of a British exchange student (Felicity Jones) and an American furniture designer (Anton Yelchin) who are kept apart by bothersome visa difficulties. Employing intimate hand-held camerawork and largely improvised dialogue, Drake Doremus’ 2011 Sundance winner is truthful, authentic and impressively naturalistic, benefiting hugely from two outstanding central performances that ring true with every beat. An argument could be made that, due to the improvisational approach, it’s like watching ninety minutes of awkward small talk. But while slightly meandering at times, Doremus’ tender drama is a beautifully observed and often poignant look at young love, while the ambiguous final note manages to be happy, bittersweet and heartbreaking all at once. Much like the film itself.