John Wick

Reviewed for Radio Times:

Numerous fight sequences are staged with a great deal of style and skill in this lean, propulsive, action-packed revenge thriller. Keanu Reeves is reliably stoic as the title character, a formidable former hitman who has been out of the game for five years. He is compelled to return, however, when a trio of Russian lowlifes break into his house and kill Daisy, the adorable puppy that was given to him as a final gift from his recently deceased wife.

As John seeks retribution, the body count escalates and the film moves from one bruising set piece to another, each of which is impressively choreographed and captured with a refreshing sense of clarity. There isn’t much in the way of depth or complexity, but the constant violence is offset by some well-timed humour and the whole thing is consistently enjoyable. A must-see for anyone who likes the thought of Keanu Reeves performing headshots at point-blank range.