Reviewed for Radio Times:

Epilepsy and fractured family ties are two of the main concerns in this naturalistic British drama. The person dealing with both is Lily (Agyness Deyn), a young woman who suffers from the kind of debilitating seizures that make it difficult to lead a normal life. In spite of this, however, she travels to London after the sudden death of her mother, deciding to track down her long-lost brother (Christian Cooke) to ensure he gets his share of the inheritance.

Along the way, filmmaker Bryn Higgins does a good job of drawing us into Lily’s world, employing a variety of directorial flourishes to visualise what she experiences during a fit. On top of this, the film is gifted with a fearless, revelatory, star-making performance by model-turned-actress Agyness Deyn, who positively shines in her first leading role. The supporting cast aren’t quite as impressive, and the story itself isn’t especially remarkable, but on the whole this is a solid piece of British filmmaking.