Aimed largely at younger audiences, Chimpanzee is more light-hearted and playful than it is educational or scientific. But while you can feel Disney’s guiding hand on the dramatic arc every step of the way – central youngling loses its parent, the villainous chimp is named Scar – this jungle book is punctuated by heartwarming moments (adoption!) and some stunning treetop photography. Set in the lush rainforest territory of  the Ivory Coast, the star of the show is three-year-old chimp Oscar, a little swinger whose ‘family’ is engaged in an ongoing turf war with a rival gang. Impossibly endearing, Oscar is adorable whether he’s learning to crack nuts or staring at how skinny his legs have gotten. Providing the voiceover, Tim Allen is saddled with some overbearing narration, but he also manages to offer the odd light chuckle and a few Home Improvement in-jokes (including – yes – a Tool Time grunt!). Overall, it’s more aww-inducing than awe-inducing, but there’s plenty of chimp-powered charm to go around.